GAME Solar Pool Heater Reviews

For above ground backyard pool owners, it can be difficult to find the best way to heat a swimming pool that is right-sized and affordable. You may have considered gas or heat pump heaters, but those often cost more than your pool and are expensive to operate and maintain. As

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Reviews

Looking for a pool heating solution without the costs and maintenance headaches of complicated electric heat pumps or gas-fired water heaters? Heliocol solar heating panels are the easiest and longest-lasting way to heat your backyard pool using free solar energy. Operation costs are nearly nil. Your pool’s existing filter pump

Top 3 Hayward Pool Heat Pumps Reviews

An electric heat pump pool heater is a reliable and low-cost solution to extending your swimming season. In general, they are far more economical to operate than gas heaters. However, it’s critical that you choose a quality heat pump to enjoy hassle-free, dependable pool heating for years to come. Hayward

Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviewed and Compared in 2019

Not to pour cold water on late-summer recreation but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues annual advisories relating to swimming pool hygiene and water-borne diseases. While public pools are particularly vulnerable, backyard basins are of no less concern. Of course, chlorine (or salt) go a long way in killing

Best 4 Person Hot Tub Reviewed and Rated

Picture the end of a tough day and, on the patio, you step into a soothing, warm hot tub. The benefits of a hot tub go beyond an air bubble massage; hot tubs have benefits for physical well-being and a great mental outlook. Many people find that their hot tub

Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner Review

Keeping your pool clear of debris is a real chore with handheld vacuums, brushes or skimmers. Regular cleaning is vital, however, to keep your pool invitingly crystal clear and avoid stressing other pool components such as the skimmers, filters, pumps and so on. Sure, you could spend money hiring a

Top 10 Best Shower Panels Reviewed and Compared in 2019

There are tons of good to great shower panels, but after researching dozens of them, we are confident you will love our Top Ten picks offering the most-wanted shower-spa functions and quality features plus the highest reliability and value. In a moment, you’ll read about our top pick, the Blue Ocean

Best 2 Person Hot Tub Reviewed and Rated in 2019

A hot tub opens a new dimension of home comfort, relaxation, and health. The benefits are immediate and life-changing, the two person hot tub promotes wellness, an escape from the pressures of the busy day, and it affords a precious opportunity for closeness. The best 2 person hot tub should