Best Kiddie Pools Reviews for 2020


Best Kiddie Pools Reviews for 2020

Swimming and playing in pools are one of the most enjoyed past times of the spring and summer seasons. The best kiddie pools allow young children to partake in the fun in a safe environment. Kiddie pools also allow children to get familiar with the swimming-related activity and prepare them for the next step.

Kiddie pools aid kids in working on their balance, strength, coordination, learning and social skills.

All children are unique in their own right and have their own preferences as they relate to kiddie pools. We’ve analyzed kiddie pools and compared things such as materials, type of environment, etc. to create a list of top kiddie pools out there.

Some pools are more playful and imaginative, like our top pick Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center, while others are straightforward, round pools.

List of 10 Best Kiddie Pool on the Market Today:

1. Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center

Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center, 100" X 77" X 31", for Ages 2+


  • Includes a repair patch
  • Has a slide
  • Ring toss feature
  • Separate drain plugs for the two pool sections
  • Adjust water flow with the control valve
  • Measures 17.8 by 14.2 by 5.1 inches


The Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center is the best inflatable kiddie pool. It is durable, has plenty of extra features and is the best pool with a slide. This is a double pool. There is a larger wading area for kids to splash and play.

The smaller pool area is ideal for kids under age one who need to get used to the water. In the wading area, there is room for adults to stand around and interact with their children.

This pool is fully inflatable. This makes it easy to get it ready. It does not take much water, so you can have it set up and ready for kids within a few hours.


This is an ideal pool for people that have small children of different ages. It offers plenty of activities for kids and separate areas to ensure safety for different ages.

2. Dinoland Inflatable Play Center

Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, 131in X 90in X 44in, for Ages 3+


  • This is a soft pool
  • It measures 131 by 90 by 44 inches after you inflate it
  • It can hold up to 74 gallons of water
  • This pool is meant for kids at least two years old


The Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center is a dino kiddie pool with plenty of fun features and bright colors. This small kiddie pool with a slide will ensure that small children remain occupied for hours.

The slide on this pool is wide so that kids can slide down it with ease. There are ring toss features so that kids can work on their motor skills while enjoying the water.

This is an inflatable pool and all of the features inflate.The dino arch moves and sprays water once you connect it to a standard garden hose.

You can easily control how much water is in the wading area. There is enough space in the wading area for two small children to play.


This pool has a slide, spraying water, and a wading area. This makes it easy for kids to have plenty to keep themselves busy when they are playing outside.

3. Step2 Play and Shade Pool

Step2 Play & Shade Pool | Kids Outdoor Pool with Umbrella & Water Toy Accessories


  • Built-in umbrella
  • Features traction so that kids do not slip and fall
  • Minimal assembly is required
  • There are two molded seats for the kids to sit while they play
  • The pool measures 37.5 by 37.5 by 50 inches


The Step 2 Play and Shade Pool is a shaded non-inflatable kiddie pool. This allows your kids to enjoy the water without having to worry about a sunburn.

This is a durable plastic pool that has some cups and a water wheel that spins. It is ideal for kids who are under three years old. There is enough water for kids to splash in, but not too much water. You can fill the pool in approximately one hour.

The shade that the umbrella provides ensures safety from the sun for kids. The umbrella attaches easily, and you can remove it when you are cleaning the pool. The molded features help to keep kids safe and comfortable when they are in the pool.


This is the best hard plastic kiddie pool because it is strong and durable. There is enough space for two small children.

4. Intex Mystic Unicorn Inflatable Spray Pool

Intex Mystic Unicorn Inflatable Spray Pool, 107" X 76" X 41", for Ages 2+


  • Works with a basic garden hose
  • Includes a repair patch
  • Measures 107 by 76 by 41 inches
  • Made from vinyl


The Intex Mystic Unicorn Inflatable Spray Pool is a unicorn kiddie pool with bright colors and a fun shape. It is a simple pool that is an idea for small spaces.

If you have a small child or one that does not love the water, this is an ideal pool. It sprays water so that they are not sitting in a lot of it. You attach the hose to the sprayer spout so that the water sprays.

This is an inflatable pool. It does not take long to get it ready to use. Since you do not have to add water, as soon as you inflate it and connect your hose, it is ready to use.


This pool comes in a fun shape for small children. It is one of the best kiddie pools that kids will want to spend time in.

5. Intex Whale Spray Pool

Intex Whale Spray Pool, 82" X 62" X 39", for Ages 2+


  • This pool holds seven inches of water
  • It is ideal for kids age three and older
  • It measures 82 by 62 by 39 inches
  • There is a repair patch with it


The Intex Whale Spray pool is the best inflatable pool for toddlers. It is in the shape of a whale. The body of the whale is a wading area while the tail sprays water.

This is perfect for kids who are not crazy about wading pools with deep water. Children can bring their favorite soft toys into the pool to place with. There is enough space for two kids to splash around in this pool.

Setting this whale pool up is easy. You just inflate it until it is solid and then attach a standard garden hose to spray the water. You can choose to not use the spraying feature by simply disconnecting the water hose.


This is the most durable kiddie pool. While it is not a small kiddie pool with a slide, you can place a slide into it to enhance what kids can do.

6. Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool

Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool, 60 X 10


  • This pool is meant for kids who are at least age three
  • It can accommodate 9.5 inches of water
  • It includes a repair patch
  • This pool measures 30 by 15 by 15 inches


The Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool is an idea for older kids at least three years and older. It is an extra-large plastic kiddie pool. All you have to do is place this pool on flat land and add the water.

Make sure to keep an eye on the sides until you have a few inches of water so that they do not collapse. There is no need to inflate this pool. It is easy to clean and wipes down with a sponge or washcloth.

There is no need for chemicals since you can easily empty and refill this pool to refresh the water. It is made from durable materials that will not falter easily. However, if a small hole does develop, you can use the patch kit to fix it. This kit comes with the instructions necessary to easily make the repair.


This is one of the cool kiddie pools for when you want a pool that can accommodate multiple children. This pool is big enough for at least three kids to practice their swimming skills and play different water games.

7. Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool, 62" X 62" X 48", for Ages 2+


  • This pool can hold up to 74 gallons of water
  • The water can be as deep as 9.5 inches
  • There is a drain plug for easy emptying
  • It measures 62 by 62 by 48 inches after you inflate it
  • There is a repair kit included for small issues


The Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool is a square kiddie pool that is easy to set up and use. It is the best pool for a one-year-old.

The sunshade on this pool covers it completely. No matter where your child is in the pool, they will not have to deal with full sun exposure.

It is easy to set this pool up. You simply inflate it until it is no longer soft. Then use a regular garden hose to fill it. The max capacity is 9.5 inches, but you can use less water for small children.

Since this pool is inflatable, it is soft. If kids are splashing around and the wall, they will not hurt themselves on the edges.


This is the ideal pool for parents who are looking for an option that protects their child from the sun. It is best for splashing around and helping little ones to cool down on hot days.

8. Coconut Float’s Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Coconut Float's Flamingo Inflatable Kiddie Pool


  • This pool measures 11.7 by 3.2 by 9.6 inches
  • It is inflatable
  • The material is durable


The Coconut Float’s Inflatable Kiddie Pools is bright pink and comes in a fun shape for kids. This flamingo kiddie pool is ideal for small kids who want to splash around.

This is an inflatable pool that is easy to set up. You have full control over the water level to ensure optimal safety for your kids who are splashing in the pool.

This pool is ideal for young kids, including those who are just a year old. Due to the material, you can easily wipe this pool down to clean it. There is no need to use potentially harsh cleansers.

You can place an umbrella over this pool to ensure optimal shade for your kids. Since it is small, it is ideal for when you have limited outdoor space.


This is the best baby pool for a one-year-old child. However, their sibling of a similar age will also fit so that your kids can splash around and play together in this pool.

9. INTEX Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring Water Play Center

INTEX Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring Water Play Center 57453EP


  • The drain plugs make draining the pool fast and easy
  • It has a water sprayer
  • This pool holds up to 65 gallons
  • It measures 15.9 by 6.1 by 18.8 inches


The Intex Inflatable Rainbow Ring Play Center Pool is the best inflatable pool for toddlers. It features bright colors and a variety of activities for kids to enjoy.

This pool features a water slide, water sprayer, wading pool, and a ring toss game. These diverse activities help kids with several developmental skills.

To use the water sprayer, just connect your water hose to the appropriate port. This helps to lubricate the slide so that your kids can do down easily. At the end of the slide is a padded area that the kids hit at the bottom for comfort.

The wading area holds a little water making it the ideal place to splash around. The ring toss game lets kids compete against each other to have fun.


Another best kiddie pool with a slide is perfect for parents who have multiple children. There are multiple areas and activities that kids can enjoy at the same time.

10. Gamie Duck Pond Matching Game for Kids Inflatable Pool

Gamie Duck Pond Matching Game Includes 20 Ducks with Numbers and Shapes and 3 Inch x 6 Inch Inflatable Pool - Memory Game - Water Outdoor Game for Children, Preschoolers, Birthday Party, Carnival


  • Comes with 20 plastic ducks
  • This pool measures 14.1 by 6 by 5 inches


The Gamie Duck Pond Pool is one of the best backyard kiddie pools. It is both a pool for kids to splash around in and a game for kids of all ages. The whole family can enjoy this pool and play the duck pond game together.

This kiddie pool is a game and a pool. Kids can play the game to work on their memory and motor skills. On hot days, you can let kids splash around and play with the ducks.

This is a small inflatable pool, so it is easy to set up and fill with water. On days when you need to clean it, it is easy to drain, and you can wipe it out with a washcloth.


This is one of the best kiddie pools because it is diverse. It is also very easy to set up so that kids do not have to wait to catch ducks or splash around.

Tips on Choosing the Best Pool

There are a few tips to remember when looking at the kiddie pools that are available. This information makes it easier to narrow down your choice.

Types of Kiddie Pools

There are three primary types of kiddie pools:

  • Inflatable: These are easy to put together, usually have a durable PVC material and they come in a range of sizes.
  • Plastic: These only need a little water, the plastic is strong and you do not have to put them together.
  • Snapset: These tend to be larger, they are easy to clean and they usually come with a patch kit for small repairs.

If your child is under one year old, a plastic pool is enough. This pool will get them used to the water and allow them to splash around to cool off.

If your child is two to five years old, an inflatable pool is often the best. These are the most diverse pools, and they often come with the most extra features for child play and development.

A snapset pool is best for kids up to age 10. These are larger and have enough space for kids to practice their swimming moves or relax on a float.

best inflatable pool for toddlers

Protective Features

If your child tends to burn easily in the sun, you want to put at least half the pool in the shade. If there are no shade areas in your yard, look for a pool with a built-in umbrella. These umbrellas will provide at least half shade for the water.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Kiddie Pool

Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, 131in X 90in X 44in, for Ages 3+There are multiple factors to consider when you are buying a kiddie pool. Knowing more about these factors and how to evaluate them makes it easier to choose the best pool. Make sure to consider the following:

  • low priced kiddie poolPrice:

Consider your budget when you are shopping for a kiddie pool. This will help to narrow down the best options for your kids.

  • Safety kiddie poolsSafety:

Pool safety for kids is imperative. Pools with rounded or soft edges, such as with inflatable pools, are ideal since they will not cause injury if your child slips and falls and hits their body on them. Avoid pools that are metal since these can heat up in the sun or have sharp edges.

  • kiddie pool designDesign:

There are dozens of design options. Consider pools that have a fun feature and things for kids to do to keep them busy and learning when they are in the pool.

  • Comfortable pool for kidsComfort:

The pool should be comfortable for your child and you. Look at the materials and the layout of the pool to find the most comfortable option.

  • Ease of installationEase of installation:

kiddie pool reviewsOnce you get the pool home, you should be able to set it up in under an hour. Inflatable pools usually come with a pump that makes this easy. Plastic, round pools require no setup.

  • Size of a kiddie poolSize:

Consider the size of your child and the water depth that is appropriate. Regarding the length and width, your pool should have enough space for all of your children who will use it.

  • kiddie pool featuresExtra features:

Look for extra features, such as slides, floating pool lights, a ring toss and other activities that engage your child when they are in the pool.

  • Durable kiddie poolDurability:

Kids grow quickly, but you want a pool that will get you through at least two summers. If you have kids of varying ages, you will want your pool to last even longer.Warm Up a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool FAQs

When you are shopping for a kiddie pool, there are a few questions that will make the choice easier:

How Do You Warm Up a Kiddie Pool?

Learning how to keep a kiddie pool warm ensures that your kids are comfortable when they are in it. You can get a thermal tarp or pool cover and put it over the pool when it is not in use or you can use solar pool heaters to warm it up. This will help to keep the water at a warmer temperature, and it prevents debris from getting into the water.

Where Should You Place a Kiddie Pool?

There are three primary considerations when it comes to placing your kiddie pool:

  • Do not put the kiddie pool near any adult pool, even near an above ground pool in your yard since this poses the risk of young kids accidentally getting into the large pool.
  • Avoid areas where sharp objects or hard ground are present. Put the pool in a grassy or sandy area.
  • Make sure that the ground is flat. Steep hills will make filling it difficult and could cause the pool to slide when children are in it.

cool kiddie pools

How Can You Clean a Kiddie Without Using Chemicals?

Learning how to keep a kiddie pool clean without chemicals ensures a safer pool for your child. You can usually use benign cleaners like dish soap, water or natural cleaners to remove any buildup that occurs.

Since these pools are small, it is easier to dump the water and refill it than using potentially harsh chemicals, such as chlorine.

What Ages Are Kiddie Pools Ideal For?

Most of these pools are designed for kids ages three and younger. However, there are options that work for kids up to age 10.


With these kiddie pool reviews and other pertinent information, it will be easy for you to choose the best pool for your family. With the right pool, you can rest assured that your kids have a safe and exciting place to play while cooling off from the heat of summer.

Consider the age of your kids and what they prefer. You should also look at their developmental stage. This will help to ensure that you make the right kiddie pool choice for your kids. The next step is buying the best kiddie pool for your kids to enjoy this summer.