Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights Reviewed


Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights Reviewed

For above ground pool owners and enthusiasts, reliable underwater lights are a must. Night swimming can be some of the most exciting swimming in the summer. Using lights is the best practice to avoid injuries and unwanted accidents in the dark of night.

Figuring out which underwater lights are better than others or which ones will work for you can seem like a task. With the help of this review and underwater lights like our top pick, the Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools, you bet on being prepared for all of the night swimming fun this spring and summer!

So, what is the best above ground pool light?

List of 6 Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights on the Market Today:


1. Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG PoolsSmartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools


The best rated above ground pool light is the Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools.

This above ground light is convenient and easy to apply to your pool setting. The light fits to a wide range of above ground pools, excluding inflatables.


  • 12 Volt Outdoor Pool Transformer
  • Long Life Halogen Technology
  • Chemical-resistant lens
  • 6-month warranty

Easy to install and weighing less than an ounce, the SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter is a great buy. For an affordable price, you can get the best pool light for your above ground pool.

2. Intex Above Ground Energy Efficient LED Magnetic Pool LightIntex Above Ground Energy Efficient LED Magnetic Pool Light (2 Pack) | 28687E


The next best pool lights for above ground pools is the Intex Above Ground Energy Efficient LED Magnetic Pool Light.

These lights, unlike the previous product, come in a pack of two for more light coverage at night.

These lights, as implied in the name, utilize LED technology and, therefore, give off the associated bright white light, which is great for the dark.


  • Magnetic LED lights
  • Illumination up to 24 ft or more
  • 110, 120 Volt Power Source Transmitter

The magnets used to hold the lights in place also generate a safe, low current through the pool’s sidewalls to generate energy for light. These LED pool lights for above ground pools are waiting to transform your pool space!

3. Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Aboveground Light and Water ReturnPentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Aboveground Light and Water Return


If you’re looking for pool lights with the best above ground pool light reviews, the Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Aboveground Light and Water Return system may be for you.

Unlike the previously discussed products, this light system fits right into the existing water return hole punched in most above ground pools.


  • Light & return fitting
  • 25 in. plug-in power cord
  • Dimensions: 8.5 in. wide x 7.5 in. high x 8.5 in. long
  • 2 colored light covers: Blue, Green

The set up of this light system is a little more hands on than those previously mentioned on the list. However, the Pentair system is sturdy and durable and offers the ability to change light colors.

4. Hayward SP056525 Elite Quartz Pool Light, 25-Foot CordHayward SP056525 Elite Quartz Pool Light, 25-Foot Cord



The Hayward Elite Quartz Pool Light is the sleekest option on the list. The installation of this light by Hayward is similar to the Pentair in that is slightly more hands on.

This light requires some wire connecting and hole cutting in your pool wall.


  • Low-voltage, 50-watt halogen light
  • Allows proper water circulation and filtration to remain intact
  • DIY installation: pre-wired 12-volt transformer with on/off switch, 25-feet cord, wall cutting tool
  • Color lens kit

The Hayward light is ideal for those looking to keep the appearance of clutter down. The sleek light design fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of your pool.

5. Hitopin HP-LED4 Submersible LED LightsHitopin HP-LED4 Submersible LED Lights,Waterproof Underwater Remote Controlled Battery Operated Wireless Multicolor Submersible Led Lights for Holloween Pond, Party, Wedding, Vase Base etc.4PCS

These LED lights by Hitopin are the cheapest option on the list by unit. The lights (4 pc) come with remote controls that allow the user to change the colors or patterns emitted from the lights.

The Hitopin HP-LED4 Submersible LED Lights feature the following:


  • 3 AAA batteries (not-included) to operate each light
  • Remote controls for each light
  • Compact, Waterproof, Wireless Control

These lights are not necessarily sold for the use in pools. They are often used for events because of their variety of light display. However, they work great in above ground pools and allow for some extra life in your pool light system.

Not to mention all the fun the kids will have changing the colors with the wireless remotes.

6. Qoolife Magnet Colorful Waterproof LightQoolife Magnet Colorful Waterproof Light - 3.3" New Version Submersible LED Lights for Vase, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Fountain, Waterfall, Aquarium



The Qoolife Magnet Colorful Waterproof Light is another option from the family of magnetic above ground pool lights.

This product by Qoolife is similar to the Hitopin product in that the light pieces are waterproof, LED, and controllable by remote.


The Qoolife Magnet Colorful Waterproof Light features the following:

  • Wide application, designed for wet or dry environments
  • 7 color options, 5 flash modes
  • 1 year warranty
  • RF signal remote control
  • Each light powered by 3 AA batteries

This magnetic light has suction cup adhesion capability as well. Also, the AA battery use allows for almost double the life that AAA batteries could provide.

This Qoolife product is sure to spice up the night and keep your above ground pool space safe and entertaining all summer long.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights

best above ground pool lights

Which pool lights you decide to go with is entirely dependent on the construction of your pool, the type of light you need, and personal preference.

The type of pool you have affects what you will buy. There are certain products, like the Intex lights and other magnetic lights, that will only work on metal walled pools. Other lights are intended to plug into water return holes.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of your pool’s construction will help you to make a more informed decision on the products you are able to use.

best above ground pool light reviews

The type of light you need or want is also a factor to consider when you’re buying underwater above ground pool lights. Suppose you want LED lights, or halogen lights, or normal incandescent lights.

Perhaps you would like wireless lights or maybe you enjoy knowing your lights are hard-wired into power. Deciding the type of light your pool needs is important. LED lights are typically the brightest, and thus may be the safest at night.

This is also where personal preference can play a role. Perhaps there is no particular light you need. Simply work out what you believe will fit the most appropriately with your space and to your liking. Luckily, this isn’t rocket science and the options span wide.

You need to keep your pool lighted, warmed and clean. So do not forget to check out this list of best electric pool heaters to keep your pool heated, top five best pressure side pool cleaners to keep away debris and those most durable above ground pool covers on the market.


In conclusion, a light system for your above ground pool is an excellent way to ensure that summer fun can creep into the night. The type of light you decide to purchase is dependent on a few things, though it is mostly up to your personal discretion. The fun and safety of your pool is only increased by installing some kind of underwater light system.

Fewer injuries and longer swimming fun sound like a recipe for great memories. It’s time to make that a reality and purchase and install underwater lights in your above ground pool!