Bestway Steel Pro MAX Round Metal Frame Pool with 330 GPH Filter Pump

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Review Bestway Steel Pro MAX Inch Round Metal Frame Above Ground Outdoor Backyard Swimming Pool Set with 330 GPH Filter Pump

The Bestway Steel Pro MAX above-ground pool provides durability and space for endless summer fun. With its sturdy steel frame and large 10-foot diameter, this pool creates the perfect backyard oasis for activities all season long.

Bestway Steel Pro MAX Durable Design

The Bestway Steel Pro MAX pool features robust construction that can withstand years of use:

  • 10 ft x 30 in Steel Frame – The rust and corrosion-resistant steel frame provides superior strength and stability.
  • FrameLink System – This tightly connects the frame pieces for rigidity and durability.
  • 330 GPH Filter Pump – Clean water with the included powerful pump.
  • 3-Ply PVC Pool Liner – The TriTech liner material and support bands enhance the pool’s overall structural integrity.
  • Elegant Banded Design – Horizontal bands lend visual appeal while stabilizing the pool wall.
  • Drain Valve – Easily drain all water from the pool using the convenient valve.

Quick and Simple Assembly

Putting up the Bestway Steel Pro MAX pool is straightforward:

  • Lay out all steel frame pieces on level ground.
  • Connect the rods using the FrameLink system.
  • Unfold the liner and drape it over the assembled frame.
  • Secure the top ring tightly over the frame edge.
  • Attach the filter pump to the dedicated pump outlet.
  • Gradually fill with water using a garden hose.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

To keep your pool looking great:

  • Change filter cartridges monthly.
  • Test and maintain proper chlorine and pH levels.
  • Remove debris like leaves from pump intake regularly.
  • Completely drain the water before winter using the drain valve.
  • Disassemble the frame carefully and store the liner when not in use.

Endless Family Activities to Enjoy

The spacious Bestway Steel Pro MAX round design is ideal for:

  • Family gatherings and pool parties
  • Children’s play area with water toys
  • Swim lessons and water exercise classes
  • Soaking up the sun and relaxing
  • Late-night dips under the stars

With ample room for the whole family to enjoy summer weather, the Bestway Steel Pro MAX above-ground pool creates a backyard oasis for building fun memories.

The Pros and Cons of Bestway Steel Pro MAX


  • Large 10-foot diameter size
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Support bands stabilize the pool liner
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • Includes 330 GPH filter pump


  • Requires a level, compacted surface
  • Ongoing maintenance is essential
  • Not designed for diving or jumping in
  • Draining takes time without a submersible pump

Your Backyard Summer Paradise

With outstanding durability, ample space for family and friends, and quick, simple assembly, the Bestway Steel Pro MAX above-ground pool is the perfect way to create summer memories at home.

Its sturdy steel construction will provide years of summertime fun. Give your backyard a makeover this season with the Bestway Steel Pro MAX!


What is the difference between Bestway Pro and Pro Max?

The main differences between Bestway’s Pro and Pro Max above-ground pool lines are:

  • Size – Pro Max pools are larger at 10 ft, 12 ft, and 15 ft diameters versus 8 ft and 10 ft for Pro models.
  • Construction – Pro Max uses thicker gauge steel walls for durability and strength.
  • Pump – Pro Max pools include a more powerful 1000+ GPH pump versus 585 GPH for Pro.
  • Accessories – Pro Max typically includes more accessories like pool ladders.

Overall, the Pro Max line features larger sizes, improved construction, and higher-end components. But Pro models still provide an affordable above-ground pool option.

How high do you fill the Bestway Steel Pro Max?

For the typical 30-inch tall Bestway Steel Pro Max pool, filling the water level about 25 inches high is recommended. This leaves 5 inches of freeboard space below the top rail to account for water displacement and splashing. Always follow the pool’s included fill line guide when adding water.

How many liters is a steel Pro Max pool?

The 10 ft diameter Bestway Steel Pro Max holds approximately:

  • 5,678 liters when filled to 80% capacity
  • 7,098 liters at 100% full capacity

So when filled to the recommended level, it holds about 5,700 liters or 1,500 gallons of water.

What size is Bestway Steel Pro Max?

The Bestway Steel Pro Max above-ground pool line comes in these round diameter sizes:

  • 10 ft x 30 in
  • 12 ft x 30 in
  • 12 ft x 48 in
  • 15 ft x 48 in

The most popular and budget-friendly size is the 10 x 30 model, which provides ample space for family fun. Larger Pro Max sizes accommodate more people and activities.

Bestway Steel Pro MAX