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Best Swimming Goggles In 2020

If you love to swim, then you probably know and dislike the feeling of burning eyes. It doesn’t matter if you like to swim in the ocean or a pool, swimming goggles can drastically improve your swimming experience. Swimming goggles will keep your eyes safe from the burn of the

Best Pool Alarm Reviewed and Compared in 2019

Best Pool Alarm Reviewed and Compared in 2020

As more people invest in pool homes and more apartments get built, the issue of drowning becomes more and more of an issue. Toda the accidental death rate of drowning victims is higher than vehicle fatalities. One of the few ways to combat this issue and keep your family safe

best above ground pool pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad Reviews (Compared in 2020)

Above ground pools are fun and easy to set up. Even though setup is easy, there are still some precautions we should take to guarantee the best swimming experience. It starts with placing a good pool bad between the liner and the ground. Pool pads come in various types and

Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Light

Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights Reviewed

For above ground pool owners and enthusiasts, reliable underwater lights are a must. Night swimming can be some of the most exciting swimming in the summer. Using lights is the best practice to avoid injuries and unwanted accidents in the dark of night. Figuring out which underwater lights are better