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top rated pool vacuum head

Best Pool Vacuum Heads Reviewed and Compared in 2020

Pool maintenance only goes so far with an automatic pool cleaner. Robotic cleaners can also make a pool worse if it’s already in bad shape. When targeting algae and debris, the best thing to do is manually vacuum your pool. The issue with vacuuming begins when you’re not sure which

Best Pool Skimmer Reviews (Buying Guide for 2020)

Owning a pool comes with plenty of responsibilities. Among them is keeping the pool water free of contaminants and floating debris that ends up in the pool from the surrounding environment and your getting in and out of the pool. Skimmers are designed to help you do just that, keep

Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews for 2019

Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews for 2020

Cleaning your pool is daily necessity, and to do the job right, you need the right equipment. One item you’re sure to need is a pool skimmer basket. This handy item attaches to a skimmer to make it easy to sweep out leaves, twigs and other dirt from your pool’s

Best Pool Test Kit Reviews (Compared in 2019)

Best Pool Test Kit Reviewed & Compared in 2020

Having a swimming pool in your backyard may just be the definition of living large. However, all of that enjoyment and relaxation can be threatened by unsafe swimming water. A simple way to avoid disastrous conditions in your pool is by using a pool test kit to gauge water chemical

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners Reviewed and Rated in 2019

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners Reviewed and Rated in 2020

Having a high-value pool cleaner makes a difference; with an automatic cleaner, you can relax with a cool drink by the pool or without a cleaner, you can struggle with chemicals and nets to clean it. The best automatic pool cleaner systems will perform cleaning quietly, continuously, and efficiently. When

Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviewed and Compared in 2019

Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviewed and Compared in 2020

Not to pour cold water on late-summer recreation but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues annual advisories relating to swimming pool hygiene and water-borne diseases. While public pools are particularly vulnerable, backyard basins are of no less concern. Of course, chlorine (or salt) go a long way in killing