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Top 3 Hayward Pool Heat Pumps Reviews

An electric heat pump pool heater is a reliable and low-cost solution to extending your swimming season. In general, they are far more economical to operate than gas heaters. However, it’s critical that you choose a quality heat pump to enjoy hassle-free, dependable pool heating for years to come. Hayward

Best Pressure Pool Cleaner Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner Review

Keeping your pool clear of debris is a real chore with handheld vacuums, brushes or skimmers. Regular cleaning is vital, however, to keep your pool invitingly crystal clear and avoid stressing other pool components such as the skimmers, filters, pumps and so on. Sure, you could spend money hiring a

10 Best Pool Heaters Reviewed & Compared in 2019

10 Best Pool Heaters Reviewed & Compared in 2020

It’s no fun only being able to enjoy your pool a few months out of the year. Whether you have a small above ground pool or larger in-ground pool, it’s an investment you deserve to enjoy anytime you want. A quality pool heater can allow you to do just that.