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Best Swimming Goggles In 2019

If you love to swim, then you probably know and dislike the feeling of burning eyes. It doesn’t matter if you like to swim in the ocean or a pool, swimming goggles can drastically improve your swimming experience. Swimming goggles will keep your eyes safe from the burn of the

Best Pool Alarm Reviewed and Compared in 2019

Best Pool Alarm Reviewed and Compared in 2019

As more people invest in pool homes and more apartments get built, the issue of drowning becomes more and more of an issue. Toda the accidental death rate of drowning victims is higher than vehicle fatalities. One of the few ways to combat this issue and keep your family safe

Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool Reviews

Best Blow Up Pool Reviews (Compared in 2019)

There’s never been easier access to a pool when it gets hot than an inflatable, or blow up, pool. The best inflatable pool is intended to provide an easy way too cool off for the entire family. Inflatable pools also come in a wide variety of designs which can alter

Best Pool Skimmer Reviews (Buying Guide for 2019)

Owning a pool comes with plenty of responsibilities. Among them is keeping the pool water free of contaminants and floating debris that ends up in the pool from the surrounding environment and your getting in and out of the pool. Skimmers are designed to help you do just that, keep

Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews for 2019

Best Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews for 2019

Cleaning your pool is daily necessity, and to do the job right, you need the right equipment. One item you’re sure to need is a pool skimmer basket. This handy item attaches to a skimmer to make it easy to sweep out leaves, twigs and other dirt from your pool’s

Best Above Ground Pools Reviewed and Compared in 2019

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools Reviewed and Compared in 2019

In-ground pools are expensive to build and they are not feasible in every location, which is why there’s the alternative: above ground swimming pools. The best above ground swimming pools offer an experience very similar to in-ground pools and have the added feature of generally quick assembly. With so many

Best Pool Chemicals Reviewed and Compared for 2019

Owning a pool is more work than some might expect. The first and most important duty of pool ownership is keeping your pool clean and healthy for swimming. That’s why using the best pool chemicals is the best practice in pool cleaning. We’ve taken a look at three categories of