HTH 52036 Swimming Pool Care Shock Advanced

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HTH 52036 Swimming Pool Care Shock Advanced, Swimming Pool Chemical, Cal Hypo Formula

Product Highlights:

  • 6-pack of 1lb cal hypo shock treatment
  • Restores pool clarity and kills algae/bacteria
  • Reduces chlorine odor and irritation
  • Fast dissolving formula works in 24 hours
  • For all pool types, including vinyl and saltwater


  • Powerful multifunctional shock treatment
  • Quickly clears cloudy water and controls algae
  • Cal hypo formula won’t add stabilizer/CYA
  • Convenient pre-measured 1lb packages
  • From a leading brand in pool care


  • It can be harsh on some pool surfaces
  • Powder form makes measuring tricky
  • May need to pre-dissolve before adding

Customer Feedback:

  • Dramatically improves cloudy pool water
  • Seems to work better than a generic shock
  • Dissolves and distributes nicely
  • It may cause plaster etching over time

Bottom Line:

HTH 52036 Shock provides a fast-acting and effective weekly shock treatment to tackle various pool water issues. The cal hypo formula packs a punch without adding CYA. It’s easy to use with the pre-measured pouches, though the powder can be messy. Overall, a quality shock product from a major swimming pool brand.


HTH 52036