In The Swim Pool Closing Kit for Above Ground and In-Ground Pools

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In The Swim Pool Closing Kit – Winterizing Chemicals for Above Ground and In-Ground Pools – Up to 7,500 Gallons

Product Highlights:

  • Complete kit for closing above-ground or in-ground pools up to 7,500 gallons
  • Includes winterizing, stain preventer, shock, floater, and absorbent foam
  • Chlorine-free chemicals won’t damage pool surfaces
  • Time-release floater provides sustained protection
  • Absorbs oils and prevents waterline scum buildup


  • Has all necessary chemicals for winterizing
  • Safe for all pool types and surfaces
  • Long-lasting algaecide protection
  • Prevents stains and scale
  • Easy to use with clear instructions


  • Only treats up to 7,500-gallon pools
  • May need multiple kits for larger pools
  • The floater may get stuck undercover
  • Chemicals can alter pH and alkalinity

Customers say:

  • Kit made closing easy and stress-free
  • The pool opened crystal clear in spring
  • No stains or algae growth all winter
  • Time-saver compared to buying individually

Bottom line:

The In The Swim Pool Closing Kit streamlines winterization with non-damaging, chlorine-free chemicals to keep pools clean and protected. It’s an easy, all-in-one solution for closing small to mid-size in-ground and above-ground pools.


What goes in a pool closing kit?

A pool closing kit contains chemicals and supplies needed to winterize and close a pool for the season properly. Typical items include algaecide, chlorine-free shock, stain preventer, water sealer, floating dispenser, absorbent foam, testing strips, and a pool cover. Kits are designed to work together to keep water balanced and prevent algae, scale, and stains.

Why do you need a pool closing kit?

In one convenient package, a pool closing kit has all the essential products to protect and preserve your pool through the winter.

The chemicals maintain sanitizer levels, prevent the growth of algae and bacteria, sequester metals that cause staining, and absorb oils and contaminants. Using a complete kit ensures you have everything needed for proper winterization.

How do you close a swimming pool?

Closing a pool involves lowering the water level, cleaning and balancing the water, adding closing chemicals per the kit instructions, draining equipment and lines, plugging lines and skimmers, adding antifreeze, and installing a tight-fitting pool cover. Maintaining proper water chemistry is crucial before closing down the pool.

What is a pool closure?

Pool closure refers to preparing a pool for the off-season when it will not be used. This involves adding chemicals to protect water quality, draining equipment, and covering the pool. Pool closure aims to prevent algae growth, scale buildup, staining, and damage from environmental factors until the pool is reopened.

In The Swim Pool Closing Kit