INTEX 57149EP Candy Zone Inflatable Swim Play Center

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Review INTEX 57149EP Candy Zone Inflatable Swim Play Center: with Splash Pool and Waterslide.

Summertime brings thoughts of water play and backyard fun for kids of all ages. One excellent way to keep them entertained for hours is with the Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Swim Play Center.

With its bright colors, water slides, pools, and fun accessories, this affordable play center will provide hours of cooling summer enjoyment.

An Overview of the Intex Candy Zone

The Intex Candy Zone features a vibrant, candy-themed inflatable play area perfect for backyard water play. The main components include:

  • A large 54-gallon main pool
  • Smaller 44-gallon wading pool
  • Curvy water slide that empties into the main pool
  • Convenient drain plug for easy emptying
  • Inflates fully in around 7 minutes

The heavy-duty vinyl construction supports active kids, while the bright colors and candy graphics add to the playful vibe. Parents love that it’s quick and easy to set up, keeps kids entertained for hours, and stores away compactly when summer ends.

 Key Features and Benefits 

Pools and Slide for Hours of Aquatic Play

The INTEX 57149EP Candy Zone features two pool areas for different types of water play. Kids can splash and wade in the shallow toddler pool or take turns sliding and swimming in the larger area.

  • Main Pool – At 54 gallons, there’s ample room for multiple kids to play and swim together. The durable vinyl construction allows active aquatic play.
  • Wading Pool – Perfect for younger kids, this smaller 44-gallon pool keeps little ones entertained with shallower water for splashing and wading.
  • Water Slide – Kids climb up and whisk down the curvy candy-striped slide into the main pool below. A cushioned landing mat prevents bumps and bruises.

Toys and Accessories Add Interactive Play

Several toys and accessories add to the Candy Zone’s play potential for hours of engagement:

  • 6 Ballz – These multi-colored balls float on the water for kids to retrieve during ball games.
  • 2 Giant Lollipops – These inflatable lollipops encourage interactive and imaginary play. Kids can race them or use them as water toys.
  • Side Rails – Kids can send balls rolling along the side rails or use them for water racing play.
  • Overhead Sprayer – This gumball-shaped sprayer attached overhead provides a cool water shower for hot days.

Safe, Secure Design for Carefree Play

INTEX 57149EP prioritizes safety so parents can relax while kids play. Key safety features include:

  • Thick, durable vinyl can withstand active kids without punctures or tears.
  • Drain plug to remove unused water so it doesn’t collect debris.
  • A smooth interior surface prevents scrapes, bumps, and cuts during play.
  • Recommended adult supervision for safe operation and to monitor kids on the slide.

Convenience for Quick Set Up Anywhere

Parents appreciate how easy the Candy Zone is to set up and take down. The convenience factors include:

  • Inflates fully in just 7 minutes with the included air pump.
  • Weighing just 15 pounds when deflated, it’s highly portable for use anywhere.
  • Compact storage when deflated after summer for safekeeping.
  • A budget price under $60 makes it very affordable for most families.

Tips for Safe Setup and Operation

To safely enjoy hours of fun with the Intex Candy Zone, keep these tips in mind:

  • Inflate fully using the manual air pump before filling with water. This ensures maximum stability during use.
  • Apply waterproof sunscreen to kids 30 minutes before water playtime. Reapply every 2 hours.
  • Rinse dirt, leaves, or debris with a hose before filling pools to keep water clean.
  • Check water levels regularly. Top off pools to replace water lost to splashing and the slide.
  • Carefully supervise kids using the water slide. Only one child at a time to prevent collisions.
  • When done, deflate fully. Allow to dry in the sun before folding up for storage to prevent mold.

Intex Candy Zone Play Center

Final Verdict on the INTEX 57149EP

The INTEX 57149EP Candy Zone, Inflatable Swim Play Center, delivers hours of cooling summer fun at an affordable price. It offers ample play space for multiple kids with two pools, an exciting slide, and interactive accessories.

Quick to inflate and deflate, it’s convenient for use anywhere. While adult supervision is required, the durable construction provides safe summer water play. The Candy Zone is tough to beat for families seeking a budget-friendly backyard water oasis!