Polaris MAXX Premium Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Polaris MAXX Premium Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Polaris MAXX Premium Highlights:

  • Automatic in-ground pool cleaner
  • Powerful suction for debris removal
  • Scrubs with active brushing
  • Halo technology handles all debris sizes
  • Cleans all pool surfaces and waterline


  • Thorough floor-to-wall cleaning
  • Picks up fine and large debris
  • Scrubs off stuck-on particles
  • Smart navigation covers the entire pool
  • Durable and energy-efficient


  • Suction can be temperamental
  • Hoses prone to tangling
  • Not good for larger debris
  • Requires booster pump

Customer Feedback:

  • Dramatically cleaner pool after each use
  • Seems to cover the whole pool efficiently
  • Hoses often get twisted and stuck
  • Brushes help scour away grime

Bottom Line: Polaris MAXX Premium review

The Polaris MAXX delivers premium robotic cleaning for in-ground pools with scrubbing brushes and advanced debris handling. It provides a thorough clean but suction power can be hit-or-miss. The price tag is steep, but it eliminates manual work when functioning properly.


Does Polaris Maxx climb walls?

Yes, the Polaris MAXX uses powerful turbines to generate strong suction and climb walls. It is engineered to clean not just the pool floor but all surfaces, including the waterline and walls up to the tileline. The scrubbing brushes also help scour walls.

How does the Polaris Maxx pool cleaner work?

The Polaris MAXX is a suction-side cleaner. It connects to a dedicated suction line and works by utilizing the pool’s filtration system suction power.

The strong suction draws debris into the cleaner as the active scrubbing brushes disturb and direct debris toward the intake. It covers the entire pool via smart navigation programming.

What is the best pool cleaner robot?

Top robotic pool cleaners include the Dolphin Premier, Polaris F9550 Sport, and Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pheonix. They have excellent navigation, large debris intake, and multiple cleaning features like scrubbing and filtering. Many consider the Dolphin Premier to be the overall best robotic pool cleaner.

What is the best Polaris for pools?

The best Polaris pool cleaners are the Polaris F9550 Sport for top-of-the-line with advanced features and the Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 for a reliable, entry-level suction-side option. The Polaris Quattro Sport is also highly rated for its pressure-side cleaning.

Polaris MAXX