Premium Water Hardness Test Kit

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Premium Water Hardness Test Kit | Fast and Accurate Hard Water Quality Testing Strips

Product Highlights:

  • 150 test strips to measure water hardness
  • Tests total calcium/magnesium (0-425 ppm)
  • Easy-to-read color chart for accurate results
  • Sealed pouches keep strips fresh
  • Supports clean water charity with each sale


  • Provides fast and reliable test results
  • Simple dip-and-read process
  • Wide testing range up to 425 ppm
  • Refill pouches extend the supply
  • Gives back to a good cause


  • Only tests total hardness, not individual minerals
  • Strips can deteriorate over time after opening
  • Bottle design could be improved for strip dipping

Customer Feedback:

  • Strips are easy to use and read
  • Great value for the quantity of strips
  • Results seem accurate compared to labs
  • Some issues with strips giving inconsistent readings

Bottom Line:

The Premium Water Hardness Test Kit offers an affordable and efficient way to check total water hardness at home frequently.

The strips deliver fast results, and the included refills provide an ample supply. The charity support incentivizes an otherwise basic but useful test kit. Just be diligent about proper storage and expiration dates for optimal accuracy.