Spa Choice 472-3-5081 Sanitizing Granules Hot Tub Chlorine 5-Pounds

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Spa Choice 472-3-5081 Sanitizing Granules Hot Tub Chlorine Review

Product Highlights:

  • 5 pounds of stabilized chlorine granules
  • 56% available chlorine
  • Dissolves quickly for sanitizing hot tubs
  • Controls algae and bacteria growth
  • For regular and start-up hot tub care


  • Fast dissolving formula
  • Provides steady chlorine levels
  • Easy to broadcast and measure doses
  • Clear instructions for hot tub use
  • Good value for a 5lb bucket


  • Strong chlorine odor
  • Can raise CYA levels over time
  • The granular form can be messy
  • Not compatible with bromine

Customer Feedback:

  • Keeps hot tub water clean and clear
  • Dissolves fully with the jets on
  • Convenient resealable bucket
  • Works well for startups and maintenance

Bottom Line:

Spa Choice granular chlorine is an effective sanitizer for hot tubs. The fast-dissolving formula simplifies maintaining safe chlorine levels. Just be mindful of potential CYA buildup. Overall, it provides an affordable chlorine option for hot tub owners looking to keep water clean.


How much chlorine granules for 1000 litres?

To chlorinate a 1000 liter (264 gallon) hot tub or spa, you will need approximately 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) of Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules per 1000 litres to reach the recommended 4-5 ppm free chlorine level.

It’s best to test the water using chlorine test strips after adding the initial dose to determine if more needs to be added. For a start-up, use double the regular dose.

How do you use spa choice sanitizing granules?

First ensure the hot tub circulation system is on to dissolve and distribute the granules. Measure the recommended dose for your tub size and broadcast the granules evenly over the water’s surface.

Allow sufficient time for full dissolution – usually 15-20 minutes with the jets on. Test and adjust the chlorine level to maintain 1-3 ppm free chlorine. Shock treat after heavy bather loads.

What is Spa Choice Spa Sanitizing Granules?

Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules are stabilized chlorine in granular form specially formulated to sanitize and disinfect hot tubs. The granules dissolve quickly to provide a steady chlorine level, killing bacteria, preventing algae growth, and destroying contaminants. It is compatible with both chlorine and bromine hot tub systems.

How much chlorine do I put in a 800 Litre hot tub?

For an 800 litre (211 gallons) hot tub, use approximately 1.5 tablespoons (4 teaspoons) of Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules per treatment to attain 4-5 ppm free chlorine. Test strips are recommended to check chlorine levels and adjust the dose accordingly. Shock with double the dose after heavy bather load.

Spa Choice 472-3-5081