Zodiac MX6 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools

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Zodiac MX6 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools

Zodiac MX6 Highlights:

  • Powerful suction cleaner ideal for in-ground pools
  • Low-flow design works efficiently with variable-speed pumps
  • Cyclonic suction provides a strong vacuuming ability
  • Articulating turbine blade scrubs pool floors and climbs walls
  • Quick connect hoses for easy assembly
  • Includes weir valve, elbow, hoses, regulator valve


  • Excellent cleaning coverage of floors, walls, and waterline
  • Energy efficient, great for variable speed pumps
  • Aggressive cyclonic suction pickups debris quickly
  • Swiveling hoses make maneuverability easy
  • Durable construction and reliable performance


  • Assembly can be tricky for some users
  • It may get caught on main drains or fittings
  • Not designed for large leaves or debris
  • The regulator valve may need adjustment
  • Hose swiveling can loosen over time

Customers say about Zodiac MX6:

  • Cleans thoroughly with strong suction
  • Hoses move easily around tight corners
  • Low energy use is a major plus
  • Great value for the performance

Bottom line:

The Zodiac MX6 is a top performing suction pool cleaner that delivers efficient, comprehensive cleaning. The cyclonic suction power and articulate turbine make it ideal for regular maintenance of in-ground pools.


Which is better MX6 or MX8?

The MX8 has slightly stronger suction power and includes a wireless remote control. However, the MX6 is more energy efficient. The MX6 has excellent cleaning performance for most residential pools at a lower price point. The MX8 is ideal for larger pools needing robust suction.

Does Zodiac MX6 pick up leaves?

The MX6 is designed to handle small debris but not large leaves, twigs, or other organic matter. Zodiac recommends using their Cyclonic Leaf Catcher accessory along with the MX6 to collect leaves before they reach the pump basket for leaf pickup.

Who makes the MX6?

Zodiac Pool Systems manufactures the entire MX-series suction pool cleaners, including the MX6, MX8, and other models. Zodiac is a reputable and established company specializing in pool equipment.

How long do Zodiac pool cleaners last?

With proper maintenance like replacing worn items, cleaning filters, and seasonal storage, a Zodiac pool cleaner typically lasts 5-8 years. Higher-end models like the MX6 can provide up to 10 years of service life. Following the product instructions optimizes longevity.

Zodiac MX6 Automatic